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Really like the hand drawn art style. 
The platforming felt a bit floaty for me.. 

Pressed 3 in the entrance of this area and it glitched me in the ground.

Will say some sound effects are quite loud but the sound design is super nice.

Metroidvania for a game jam is ambitious its cool to try and make a game genre lots of people like. I will question the originality of your ideas... As one of the first ability UI is basically a rip of desolate dive.. However I do appriciate the nod to hollow knight, a super cool jam game.

Think this game could be really awesome if you dive into characters more + explaining to the player basic controls a little better. Really liked the flower girl npc at the start. 



A and D to move.

W to Jump.

F and ENTER to skip and exit the dialog.

1 to switch to the sword. Press LEFT CLICK to swing.

2 to switch to a projectile orb. Press LEFT CLICK to fire, you can aim it with the mouse.

3 to switch to ground pound. While in mid-air you can press S to slam into cracked rocks to break them.

4 to switch to the cannon. Press E to get into the cannon, then hold LEFT CLICK and press the SPACE BAR to release to fire. you can aim the cannon with the mouse.

we are sorry for all the bugs -_-


obsessed with the background music


Ok sorry guys, if you use the sword or magic in the sword level the game crashes -_